Teatro Concordia, Venaria Reale (TO)
The Panel:

Guido Maria Guida

 Natania Hoffman - Piergiorgio Cargnino - Eilis Cranitch - João Barroso - Marco Jorino

The 24th edition of the International Chamber Music Competition "LUIGI NONO" collected the registrations of 23 soloists and 21 groups, for a total of 89 members, for 47.6% of foreign origin. The countries of origin, in addition to Italy, are: Austria, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Japan, Macedonia, Holland, Poland, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan.

Despite the difficulties and uncertainties posed by Covid-19, the Competition therefore confirms its solidity and its international nature, with a number of participants and a percentage of foreigners second (and slightly) only to those of the 2019 record edition.

The average age of the soloists is 26 years, while the 63 competitors belonging to the groups were born in the years between 1988 and 2001.

Soloist Section winners:

2° Mio Sasaki (Japan), violin;
 Federico Pulina (Italy), piano and Mattia Groppello (Italy), piano.

Chamber Music winners:

 Ronzio & Fasani Duo (Italy) - Francesco Ronzio (sax) and Daniele Fasani (piano);
Duo Eunoia (Spain) - Inês Delgado (violin) and Laura Casas Cambra (piano);
 Duo Robert & Meri - Robert Poortinga (piano) and Meri Khojayan (violin).

Novecento Prize

Duo Althea (Italy) - Paolo Pellegrini (clarinet) and Nicola Possenti (piano).

The jury also awarded special mentions to a Emanuele Scaramuzza (piano) and Trio Perspektive.