Associazione di Promozione Sociale

The Amici per la Musica Association was founded in 1998 from an idea of two musicians, Dino Niero and Pier Giorgio Cargnino, with the aim of spreading musical culture through musical and cultural manifestations and events. Since its origins it has been characterized by its focus on young performers and contemporary music, as well as the quality of its performances. A central element of its activity is the LUIGI NONO International Chamber Music Competition, its seasons of concerts and, since 2014, an International Composition Prize. The Association has since reached international scope, but it was actually born “among friends,” as its name indicates ("Amici per la Musica" translates to "Friends for Music"), a characteristic that the members have never wanted to change over time. Even today it is still lived and run with the same enthusiasm and passion. All social offices and every member activity are carried out completely free of charge. 

The association is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of between 9 and 11 members and has the President's Council as its operational body. The purpose of the Artistic Committee is to direct and support artistic choices related to the Association's cultural activities. It is composed of experts and professionals in the field of music and culture.


Statutory purposes of the Amici per la Musica Association and guiding elements of its activities are:

  • giving the opportunity for talented young musicians, including the winners and awardees of the “Luigi Nono” Competition, to perform in public, with the aim of expanding their knowledge and enhancing their skills:
  • spreading and bringing attention to contemporary music, thanks to the Luigi Nono International Chamber Music Competition, the Composition Prize and its concerts;
  • ensuring the quality of concerts and awardees, thanks to its Artistic Committee and the juries composed of experienced musicians;
  • cooperating with local associations, organizations and institutions to promote seminars and courses;
  • promoting cultural activities and musical events, such as conferences, lectures, debates, concerts or performances
  • making quality music open and free to everybody, allowing it to reach places it wouldn't normally be appreciated; 


Amici per la Musica Association Logo

The Association's name descends from a keyboard-which stands for all music-since the association exists FOR music and without it it wouldn't exist!

The tone of blue remains the same as the previous logo, to symbolize continuity in the goals of the Association: spreading contemporary and classical music.

International Chamber Music Competition Logo

It is marked by the Treble clef (or G key), a universal symbol of music, which is familiar to those who use it to play but also to the general public.

It is normally placed at the beginning of the staff, and in the same way the Competition intends to be a starting point for young musicians. In addition, the Treble clef indicates the position of the notes and the pitch of the related sounds, as within the world of music, in general, and within the Competition, specifically, there are rules that one must follow in order to achieve excellence.