Teatro del Castello di Rivoli, Rivoli (TO)
The Panel:

Luca Antignani

 Agustin Charles Soler - Nicolas Horvath - Carlo Pezzati - Chiara Pavan - Marco Jorino - Piergiorgio Cargnino

There were 44 participants, including 18 soloists and 26 in groups (8 duo, 2 trio, 1 quartet).

Foreigners accounted for nearly 40 percent of the competitors (38.6 percent), with Lithuanians (3), Dutch, Swedes, and Austrians (2 each) making up the largest number, joined by individual competitors from China, Taiwan, Japan, Bulgaria, USA, Mexico, Poland, and Belgium.

There were 14 Italians in groups and 13 soloists.

Instruments competing among the Soloists: violins, pianos and flutes (4), clarinets and accordions (2), 1 cello and 1 trumpet.

In the Chamber Music section, the ensembles featured were varied: 2 violin, cello and piano trio, 2 violin and piano duo, 1 sax quartet, 1 harp and accordion duo, 1 flute and piano duo, 1 sax and piano duo, 1 flute and clarinet duo, 1 cello and piano duo, 1 guitar and flute duo.

The Competition was open to young people born between 1988 and 2002 (soloists) and between 1984 and 2002 (groups).

The jury congratulated all competitors on their performances. There were many excellences among both soloists and groups, although in the end a decision had to be made and winners had to be chosen. However, our appreciation goes to all of them for the quality of their performances.

Soloists section winners:

Yi Yi (China), piano;
Stefano Borghi (Italy), clarinet;
 Samuele Telari (Italy), accordion

Chamber Music winners:

 Ventos Duo (flute and clarinet);
 Duo Hoffman/Darzinkevičiute - Natania Hoffman (cello), Darzinkevičiute (piano);
 Duo Kessler/Meloni - David Kessler (violin), Gabriel Meloni (piano);

Novecento Prize

Mabel Yu-ting Huang, piano

La Musica e L'Acqua Prize

Isabel Trio (Italy) - Francesca Lo Verso (piano), Giulia Manfredini (violin), Lucia Sacerdoni (cello).

Young Performers Prize

Duo Kessler/Meloni - David Kessler (violin), Gabriel Meloni (piano)